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    Elizabeth Armstrong

    I am curious as to other offices’ workflow. After the patient consults with the oral surgeon, what is your process to provide them with a treatment plan & scheduling them? Do you have your patient visit with a Treatment Planner / Financial Staff member and then schedule them? Do they schedule and you mail out a treatment plan? Call with the treatment plan? I am looking at possible ways to speed up our process, but want to know what works and doesn’t work for others. Currently, we have patients visit face to face with financial staff, but we are adding an additional provider which will increase the patients needing to sit with our Financial Counselor.

    I would love to hear from you.


    Alyssa Powell

    Our Consultation flow is as follows:

    1. Surgery team takes the x-ray and seats the patient reviews H&P and then gets the doctor
    2. the doctor goes in reviews the treatment needed and x-ray with the patient
    3. he brings the treatment routing slip to the treatment coordinator (surgery team member stays in the room)
    4. the surgery team will remain in the room and do the consent forms while the treatment coordinator is working up the treatment plan
    5. once the surgery team is done with the consent forms they will bring it to the treatment coordinator who will then go in and review
    the treatment plan, insurance coverage, financials and schedule a date. The treatment coordinator will then dismiss the patient.

    This has worked really well for us! This keeps everyone moving one right after another and our consults are all staggered by about 15 minutes so hopefully no two people are ready at the same time. We also have our treatment coordinators trained to do the consult from beginning to end as well just in case the surgery team is backed up or needed elsewhere but that is not my preferred method.


    Noel Goulart

    After the patient has the consult with the doctor they are walked out to our front desk for scheduling. We do not give them an estimate that day, we email/mail one within the next few days. The volume of consultations we do in an afternoon we would have no way to provide an estimate for each of them at checkout. It also sounds like it would require holding too many rooms/assistants/front desk/treatment coordinators to coordinate all of this at the time of consult. We have had no issues with this as far as patients scheduling OR patients asking for an estimate at the time of checkout. Hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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