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    Elizabeth Armstrong

    I apologize, as I know this was discussed previously. Does anyone have an Implant Policy they would be willing to share?
    How long do you guarantee an implant ? Do you replace for free within a certain amount of years or do you discount? Would sedation coverages be additional or also at zero charge? Etc?

    I am trying to come up with the best plan that is fair to our patients and fair to us.

    Thank you all


    Jane O’Neil

    We were recently discussing this very issue at our weekly doc meeting. Currently, we replace free of charge if the failure occurs within the first year. The majority of our implants are Straumann, which will send a replacement at no charge when we send in the failed implant. We also comp the anesthesia. We are currently talking about extending our warranty out a few more years, but on a sliding scale basis. I’ll let you know what we come up with. As an aside, one of our docs recently got a lab to pay for a replacement because authentic parts were not used on the restorative side of things. I thought that was pretty amazing 🙂
    Hope this helps a little bit.


    Stacie Buchta

    We have an implant warranty form that is discussed with the patient and signed on the day of surgery. I can email you a copy if you’d like. I don’t see an option to attach it here in the thread.

    Williams Dental Implant & Oral Surgery


    Faith Moore

    We have a written policy that covers all charges for one year from the date of placement. IV anesthesia is charged separately as that is the patient’s choice. Please let me know if you’d like a copy.

    Faith Moore
    WestShore OMS Specialists

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